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International Society for the
Study of Vascular Anomalies

Mission, Vision, & Strategic Plan

The purpose of ISSVA is to promote, on a national and international level, clinical and scientific research in all fields, that will lead to advances in knowledge concerning all aspects of vascular anomalies and subsequent care of patients afflicted with these conditions. The Society encourages the transmission of data through a free flow of information between its members and interested groups, through workshop meetings, teaching programs and by the publication of pertinent scientific data.

The ISSVA organization has grown quickly over recent years as scientific breakthroughs and interested practitioners have entered the field. ISSVA membership has nearly doubled in over in 10 years. Countries around the world compete for the location of its highly desired international workshops held every other year. ISSVA would like to maintain this level of interest and membership growth, continue to hold premier international workshops, and be the center for education of all things related to vascular anomalies for patients, students, and practitioners. As the organization builds we aim to expand the website services, provide patient information and access to vascular centers across the globe, centralize patient support groups, and be a portal for physicians and patient forums on the subject. ISSVA may also be interested in being the accrediting body of vascular centers emerging worldwide.