April 2017

International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies
Newsletter Vol 1 - No 1 | April 2017

President's Message

Dear ISSVA members and friends,

We are delighted to present our first ISSVA newsletter

Since ISSVA 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have been closely working with Executive Director, Inc (EDI), to professionalize ISSVA. The engagement of EDI has allowed us to increase our efficiency in important administrative matters. EDI assists us in all of the everyday duties of our Society, including keeping track of our membership, helping the secretary and the treasurer, and rejuvenating and keeping up-to-date our website. EDI will also help the local hosts in organizing the future ISSVA meetings. Our referent at EDI is Justin Dodge.

Board expansion

As the daily practices of ISSVA are now better organized, we can expand the activities that ISSVA would like to develop for our membership and the patients we serve. To this end, we have already expanded the size of the Board of Directors in Buenos Aires to have a larger representation of our multidisciplinary membership.

We are pleased that Tony Penington and Michel Wassef accepted to serve ISSVA as Members-At-Large and I’d also like to welcome the other new ISSVA Board members, Josée Dubois as the Vice President and Francine Blei, who is the Chair of the Scientific Committee.

Staying connected

Another objective was to develop a Newsletter to keep our membership informed on ISSVA activities and to connect all ISSVA members. The Newsletter is currently planned to appear twice a year, and to focus on news, ISSVA projects and literature reviews.

I would like to thank Josée Dubois, who accepted the charge of editor as well as Ilona Frieden, Gresham Richter, Francine Blei and all the members of the scientific committee, for setting up this first issue of the newsletter. I hope you will find every section of great interest.

We have many other projects in mind, such as the development of international registries, and creating guidelines for outcome measures and management etc. These are also within the objectives of the recently established European Reference Network VASCERN, which comprises recognized centers for vascular anomalies; a tight collaboration would likely be most beneficial.

Multidisciplinarity, a pillar of our foundation

Our Society has grown from the small friendly club of the 1980s to an international multi-disciplinary society. This is thanks to the work and engagement of all previous ISSVA presidents, board members, the increasing number of dedicated members, and the world-wide increase of interest in vascular anomalies. As Steven Fishman, our past president recalled: “We must strive to cherish and maintain the strengths of our past traditions while embracing the future”.

One of the unique characteristics of ISSVA is its multidisciplinarity, which is the foundation of quality management of vascular anomaly patients. We should continue this work and tighten our international collaborations, and distribute our knowledge to those parts of the world where vascular anomaly patients still wander as nomads.

Update please!

One of the steps to help distribute information and help patients find us, is to publish the location of the members and their centers on the ISSVA web-site.

Please go to the web-site Member Login, and look under > User Profile > Public Directory, and update your profile!

Our society is developing rapidly and the future is bright. The preparation of the ISSVA Amsterdam meeting 2018 is well under way.

I hope to see you all there in ever increasing numbers!

Laurence M Boon
ISSVA President

22nd International Workshop of the
International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies

30 May - 1 June 2018
Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Preparations for ISSVA 2018 are in progress! We have a great location on the river a short distance from the centre of Amsterdam. Plus, our many hotels are all within walking distance.

In addition to the Workshop and the primer course, we will schedule half a day for advanced courses. The following topics are being considered: Genetics, Pathology, Surgery and Interventional Radiology. These courses are scheduled to take place the day before the Workshop begins.

Important Dates & Deadlines

December 2017: Online registration opens
05 December 2017: Abstracts open
15 January 2018: Abstracts close
16 March 2018: Early registration
01 May 2018: Regular registration

Review of the Vascular Anomaly Literature Published in 2016

Editor: Francine Blei, MD
    ● Karthik Balakrishnan, MD*/ Jonathan Perkins, DO – Otolaryngology
    ● Michael Dellinger, PhD*/ Francine Blei, MD – Lymphatic Biology, Pathophysiology
    ● Anne Dompmartin, MD – Dermatology
    ● Israel Fernandez-Pineda, MD*/ Juan Carlos Lopez Guttierez, MD, PhD – Surgery
    ● Dov Goldenberg, MD – Plastic Surgery
    ● Ionela Iocobas, MD*/ Denise Adams, MD – Pediatric Hematology Oncology
    ● Anna Lillis, MD*/ Gulraiz Chaudry, MD – Interventional Radiology
    ● Zerina Lokmic Tomkins, PhD*/ Tony Penington, MD – Basic Science
    ● Kristina W. Rosbe, MD – Otolaryngology

Junior ISSVA Member*/Scientific Committee Member

Our contributors have scanned the literature by discipline and provided a short synopsis. Click on the topics below to access their review.


Meetings of Interest

21 April 2017
Madrid, Spain
7th Meeting French Vascular Anomalies Group
Juan Carlos Lopez Guttierez | queminfantil.hulp@salud.madrid.org
22 April 2017
Madrid, Spain
9th Meeting Spanish Vascular Anomalies Group
26 April 2017
Montreal, Canada
Vascular Anomalies Primer at American
Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 30th Annual Meeting
5-6 May 2017
New York, New York, USA
Cases and Controversies in Vascular Anomalies
8-12 May 2017
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Keystone Symposia Conference - Angiogenesis and Vascular Disease
8-10 June 2017
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Lymphatic Forum 2017 - The Lymphatic Vasculature in Health and Disease
6-9 July 2017
Chicago, Illinois, USA
13th World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology
24-27 July 2017
Chicago, Illinois, USA
5-11 August 2017
Newport, Rhode Island, USA
A) Gordon Research Conference - Angiogenesis  (GRS)
B) Gordon Research Conference - Angiogenesis
28-30 September 2017
Vancouver, BC Canada
2nd Biennial Forum for Interventional Radiology in Vascular Anomalies
15-19 October 2017
Pacific Grove, California, USA
Vascular Biology
4-8 February 2018
Melbourne, Australia
World Congress of Phlebology

ISSVA 2016 Award Winners

Presenters are in bold

John Mulliken Award For Best Scientific Paper

Overexpression of VEGF-C in bone induces a Gorham-Stout disease-like phenotype.

Asitha Silva, Jian Feng, Paul Dechow, Kari Alitalo, Michael Dellinger. UT Southwestern Medical Center, Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry, University of Helsinki.

Robert Schobinger Award For Best Clinical Paper

Development of A Set of Core Outcome Measures for Vascular Malformations (OVAMA Project): An International E-Delphi Consensus Study.

Sophie E.R. Horbach, Chantal M.A.M. van der Horst, Dirk T. Ubbink, OVAMA consensus group, Phyllis I. Spuls. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, Academic Medical Center - Amsterdam (AMC) , Surgery and Epidemiology (AMC), OVAMA project, Dermatology (AMC)

Stephan Belov Award For The Best Poster

When Do Hemangiomas Need Treatment? A Predictive Scoring System to Screen for Early Referral.

Sarah Chamlin, Jin-Shei Lai, Jennifer Beaumont, Eulalia Baselga, Elizabeth Rancour and Anita Haggstrom.

  23nd International Workshop
  of the International Society for
  the Study of Vascular Anomalies
  13-15 May 2020

Special thanks:
Nathalie Samson for her assistance with the design and development of the newsletter!