International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies
Newsletter Vol 5 - No 4 | December 2021

President's Message

Preparations are continuing for our World Congress in Vancouver in May 2022 and we are looking forward to finally seeing colleagues and friends in-person and having a great meeting. Please register early: this year for the first time we are offering a 'Super Early Bird' rate for members only. This closes at the end of 2021. We recognise that in these difficult times not everybody will be able to come to Vancouver, so we are offering an option to register and attend the meeting online. The meeting committee is working hard to ensure that those who attend this way get a thorough update in the fast-changing field of vascular anomalies. For those able to attend in-person, you should know that the society will do everything possible to make the meeting COVID safe. This will necessarily involve some restrictions which some may find burdensome, but the health and safety of our members is our highest priority.

The society has meanwhile been active in other areas. The review of the ISSVA classification is proceeding and will come to a conclusion in Vancouver. Two sessions on the classification at the pre-congress day on the 10th of May are planned, and one of these will be open to all those attending the meeting in-person for feedback and discussion. The other recent project has been the posting on the ISSVA website of multidisciplinary teams for treating vascular anomalies; the page is now live. We know that there are still many teams around the world who are not listed: this is because they have not yet sent in their details. If your team is missing, it is not too late, please submit an online application with your team’s membership and contact details. The next phase of this project will involve definition of Centers and Centers of Excellence in vascular anomalies. We hope to begin this soon.

See you in Vancouver!

Tony Penington

Journal of Vascular Anomalies (JoVA)

Great news! the Journal of Vascular Anomalies (JoVA) has reached the threshold to start the application for Pubmed Central indexing. Once accepted, all previously published articles will be included in indexing. So keep submitting your best articles! 

We invite you to read some of JoVA's most recent publications:

We are currently accepting submissions of original scientific research (molecular, genetic, histologic); original clinical studies (prospective, retrospective, case series); contemporary reviews; evidence based reviews; how I do it?; case reports; and letters to the editor. Submit a Manuscript

ISSVA World Congress 2022 (Vancouver)

Registration for the ISSVA World Congress 2022: The Latest in Vascular Anomalies is now open! We invite all physicians, researchers and allied health members in the field of vascular anomalies to attend this meeting, however in order to create a safe, yet engaging in-person meeting environment, ISSVA has implemented a COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement to attend in-person and has created a COVID-19 Task Force to stay abreast of changes both locally and globally. If you are unable to meet this vaccine requirement we invite you to attend the virtual meeting. Register to Attend the ISSVA World Congress 2022

Membership Corner

Multidisciplinary Teams: Thank you to everyone who has already submitted your multidisciplinary team to us; we are pleased to announce that we posted over 60 Multidisciplinary Teams Online! If you have not yet submitted your team, but would like to do so, we are happy to receive additional team applications, although they may not be reviewed immediately. Submit Details of Your Multidisciplinary Team.

Message Boards: Read new messages, including those on the new message board, "Immunization with live virus vaccines with Sirolimus", or start a conversation online with other members - ISSVA Message Boards.

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World of Vascular Anomalies

ISSVA believes it's important to unite the vascular anomalies community so we share with you, our members, the below events and changes in the field that are not organized or associated with ISSVA, but may be of interest to you. Please note that the events and news items listed below do not indicate an endorsement or sponsorship of these events by ISSVA.

Educational Opportunities & Meetings

5th World AVM Congress
New York, NY, United States
11-13 April 2022
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Are we missing any meetings or items of interest?

If you are aware of an upcoming educational opportunity, meeting or other item of interest that should be included, please let us know at so we can review the item and, if appropriate, share it with our membership in our next newsletter.