International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies
Newsletter Vol 7 - No 4 | July 2023

ISSVA President's Message

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer despite the challenging weather conditions.

Summary of our General Assembly which was held virtually on 23 July 2023.
The Board Committee Chairs provided updates, which are summarized below.

Secretary’s Report – Dr. Denise Adams
Membership applications continue to rise, representing many medical specialties. ISSVA has more than 600 members representing over 16 specialties. The largest representation is Interventional Radiology (23%); Dermatology (20%); Plastic Surgery (10%); Hematology/Oncology (10%); Other (11%) . Through a survey of our Active membership post-meeting, we welcomed 84 new Active members. Welcome new members – we look forward to meeting you in person at our meetings.

Treasurer’s Report – Dr. Maria Garzon
Our financial status is solid and in the green. We need a secure financial cushion for meeting planning, and anticipate utilizing funds for new initiatives in the future.

Scientific Committee Report – Dr. Dov Goldenberg
The Scientific Committee will meet soon to begin the mapping of our scientific program for our World Congress in Madrid, Spain 7-10 May 2024. The program will focus on evidence-based medicine and highlight the differences between specialties. There will be a well-developed system to judge papers and accepted papers are encouraged to submit their work to JoVA after the meeting.

Meetings Committee – Dr. Leo Schultz-Kool
Results of the Boston Debates and Controversies meeting were presented – overall the feedback was excellent, and we will take suggestions into consideration for future. ISSVA plans to offer the Debates meeting again in 2025 with a similar format; dates and location to be announced. Please be on the lookout for calls for abstracts for the May 2024 World Congress meeting.

Journal of Vascular Anomalies – Dr. Gresham Richter
Authorization towards PubMed citations is underway – the process is time consuming and is on target, however the approval is a slow bureaucratic process. Kudos to Dr. Richter and the journal’s Editorial Board in running an efficient review process. The quality and breadth of publications is impressive. The majority of ISSVA members have agreed to Table of Content (TOC) alerts. I find these emails extremely helpful, as they streamline the opportunity to review the most recent articles. To date, we have published 88 number of manuscripts online, which is quite a feat.

Thank you, Board Chairs, for presenting these updates, for Madeleine and the EDI Team for providing updated data, and for the members who attended this General Assembly.

Warm regards,
Francine Blei

Journal of Vascular Anomalies (JoVA)

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World of Vascular Anomalies

ISSVA believes it's important to unite the vascular anomalies community so we share with you, our members, the below events and changes in the field that are not organized or associated with ISSVA, but may be of interest to you. Please note that the events and news items listed below do not indicate an endorsement or sponsorship of these events by ISSVA.

Save the Date: ISSVA World Congress 2024 - Madrid, Spain - 7-10 May

The ISSVA World Congress 2024 will be a venue to present the latest advances in research and science in vascular anomalies. It will provide a multidisciplinary forum for many specialties including, but not limited to, interventional radiologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, oncologists, pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, and pathologists. More information coming soon!

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