International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies
Newsletter Vol 6 - No 4 | September 2022

President's Message

I hope this newsletter finds the ISSVA community rested from the summer (northern hemisphere) and warming up after the winter (southern hemisphere). I am aware that colleagues have been very busy and productive with many subspecialty meetings and workshops focusing on research in vascular anomalies, and we all look forward to the fruits of your labor.

ISSVA Board and Committee members have also been enthusiastically planning for the upcoming hybrid "Debates & Updates" meeting, which will be held in Boston, United States 19-21 April 2023. We will keep you apprised of the "Call for Compelling Cases" as well as the program, and hope that you will be able to join us for this stimulating meeting.

As we continue to grow in membership and provide a “home” for vascular anomalies specialists and advocates, we anticipate new initiatives guided by our Board and ISSVA members. If you have any concerns, comments, ideas or suggestions, please contact me, the ISSVA Secretaria (, or a member of the ISSVA Board.

A few reminders:

With best regards,
Francine Blei

ISSVA "Debates & Updates" 2023 (Boston)

ISSVA is proud to announce that the "Debates & Updates" meeting will occur in Boston, Massachusetts, United States 19-21 April 2023. Save the Date!

This meeting will be offered in a hybrid format; in-person attendance will be limited. Look for the a "Call for Compelling Cases" and opening of registration in the next couple months; if you plan to attend in-person be sure to secure your seat quickly. Look for additional details as they are announced in the coming months.

Journal of Vascular Anomalies (JoVA)

We invite you to read some of JoVA's most recent publications:

We are currently accepting submissions of original scientific research (molecular, genetic, histologic); original clinical studies (prospective, retrospective, case series); contemporary reviews; evidence based reviews; how I do it?; case reports; and letters to the editor. We now have a category for “expert opinions” submissions. Submit today to ISSVA’s journal dedicated to Vascular Anomalies. Expedited review and publication! ISSVA members get discounted open access publication fee of only $250.

Submit a Manuscript

Membership Corner

Martin C. Mihm Jr., M.D. (Marty) 1934-2022: We are sad to announce the passing of Martin C. Mihm Jr. Anyone who had the privilege to know Marty Mihm appreciated his warm and dynamic personality and wealth of knowledge. He was an inspiration to many and had an energy and spirit that was profound. He served as Chief of the Massachusetts General Hospital Dermatopathology Unit Director of the Melanoma Program in Dermatology at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Dana-Farber and Brigham and Women's Cancer Center, however, this cannot overshadow his contributions in Vascular Anomalies. While most of his (>400!) publications were in the field of melanoma, Marty, an ISSVA member, provided great insights into the pathophysiology of vascular lesions and co-authored many seminal papers in the field of vascular anomalies, as listed below. Read More Online

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World of Vascular Anomalies

ISSVA believes it's important to unite the vascular anomalies community so we share with you, our members, the below events and changes in the field that are not organized or associated with ISSVA, but may be of interest to you. Please note that the events and news items listed below do not indicate an endorsement or sponsorship of these events by ISSVA.

Educational Opportunities

VAC 2023: International Conference on Vascular Anomalies
Brussels, Belgium
31 January - 3 February 2023
Learn More

Are we missing any meetings or items of interest?

If you are aware of an upcoming educational opportunity, meeting or other item of interest that should be included, please let us know at so we can review the item and, if appropriate, share it with our membership in our next newsletter.