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International Society for the
Study of Vascular Anomalies

Debates & Updates 2023 (Boston)

The International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA) is pleased to announce our 2023 "Debates & Updates" meeting! The "Debates & Updates" meeting will consist of lively panel discussions, case reviews and interaction with participants. This meeting was launched virtually in 2021 so we are pleased to invite you to attend our first hybrid (in-person and virtual) "Debates & Updates" meeting.

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The sessions are being recorded and will be available live to virtual attendees. Recordings will be available after the meeting for anyone that registered (live or in-person) for 30 days.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
19-21 April 2023
Hyatt Regency Boston

Resources for Physicians, Researchers & Allied Health

Find a Specialist: to find a specialist who treats patients with vascular anomalies, please visit out Find a Specialist page, which includes all ISSVA members who have opted in to allow their information to be shown on the public side of the website.

Patient Advocacy Organizations: Since the establishment of ISSVA in 1992, collaborations have been integral to the growth, awareness and improved diagnosis and treatment of patients with vascular anomalies. ISSVA networks with patient advocacy organizations, which support ISSVA's initiatives and are a key contributor to providing patients with valuable educational resources while advocating for individuals with vascular anomalies. Find a Patient Advocacy Organization.


ISSVA Membership is open to physicians and biomedical scientists with an interest in vascular anomalies or you can apply for Affiliate membership if you are a nurse, other health care professional or other individual who is actively involved in the field of vascular anomalies. Learn More About Types of ISSVA Membership.

Membership Benefits

  • Receive a discounted registration fee to attend ISSVA meetings
  • Receive a discounted fee to publish in the open access Journal of Vascular Anomalies (JoVA)
  • Connect with world leaders in the field via online Message Boards (see below)
  • Receive exposure for you and your vascular anomalies center by being listed on the ISSVA website
  • Receive the ISSVA newsletter, updates, and other meetings of interest

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Journal of Vascular Anomalies (JoVA)

The Journal of Vascular Anomalies (JoVA), an online-only open access journal dedicated to the scientific investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of congenital and acquired human vascular lesions, will support ISSVA's mission to spread education to physicians, researchers, allied health, and other professionals interested in the field of Vascular Anomalies.

The journal’s focus includes novel approaches, evidence-based research, critical reviews and emerging science from a broad array of medical, surgical, radiologic, and scientific disciplines. As a peer-reviewed journal, we cannot guarantee acceptance, however strongly encourage you to consider submission to further share your knowledge with the vascular anomalies community.

We are currently accepting submissions of original scientific research (molecular, genetic, histologic); original clinical studies (prospective, retrospective, case series); contemporary reviews; evidence based reviews; how I do it?; case reports; and letters to the editor.

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