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International Society for the
Study of Vascular Anomalies

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Since the establishment of ISSVA in 1992, collaborations have been integral to the growth, awareness and improved diagnosis and treatment of patients with vascular anomalies.

In addition to fostering collaboration amongst individual members representing a wide variety of specialties and geographic regions, ISSVA also networks with patient advocacy groups & other organizations that support the vascular anomalies community.

In addition to Patient Advocacy Groups, below, please find a list of other organizations and networks that support the vascular anomalies community.

Referral Network:

VASCERN: VASCERN is a European Reference Networks (ERNs), which are virtual networks that gather healthcare providers across Europe. VASCERN is the ERN on rare vascular diseases and is organized into five (5) Rare Disease Working Groups, one of which, VASCA, is focused on vascular anomalies.