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International Society for the
Study of Vascular Anomalies


The International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA) is the formalization of prior biennial international workshops, which were started in 1976 by Drs. John Mulliken and Anthony Young, of specialists interested in the diagnosis, management and investigation of these disorders.

ISSVA was officially founded in 1992, two years after its first International Workshop held in 1990 in Amsterdam. The basic concepts behind the workshops has been maintained over the years as the field burgeoned around the original classification of vascular anomalies developed, revised and codified by ISSVA.

Workshop Locations

1990: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1992: Denver, Colorado, United States
1994: Budapest, Hungary
1996: Rome, Italy
1998: Berlin, Germany
2000: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2002: Nijmegen, the Netherlands
2004: Wellington, New Zealand
2006: Milan, Italy
2008: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
2010: Brussels, Belgium
2012: Malmö, Sweden
2014: Melbourne, Australia
2016: Buenos Aires, Argentina
2018: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2020: Virtual Meeting

ISSVA Presidents

1994-1996: Robert Schobinger (Switzerland)
1996-1998: John Mulliken (United States)
1998-2000: Anthony Young (Great Britain)
2000-2002: Romain Vanwijck (Belgium)
2002-2006: Dirk Loose (Germany)
2006-2008: Wayne Yakes (United States)
2008-2010: Paul Rieu (the Netherlands)
2010-2012: Patricia Burrows (United States)
2012-2014: Hans-Peter Berlien (Germany)
2014-2016: Steven Fishman (United States)
2016-2018: Laurence Boon (Belgium)
2018-2020: Ilona Frieden (United States)
2020-Present: Anthony Penington (Australia)

Scientific Committee Chairs

1994-2002: Odile Enjolras (France)
2002-2008: Josee Dubois (Canada)
2008-2012: Laurence Boon (Belgium)
2012-2020: Francine Blei (United States)
2020-Present: Dov Goldenberg (Brazil)

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