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Call for Abstracts!

Abstract and poster submissions are now open! Submit Your Oral Abstract, Poster, or Difficult Case Here!

Submission Format:

We ask that Abstracts are limited to 300 words and include: purpose; methods; results; and a conclusion.

A select few Difficult Cases will also be accepted for presentation; we ask that if you submit a Difficult Case, you submit a PDF file, which includes: a brief and concise history; clinical photos / relevant radiologic images / any other studies; and a summary of the concise issues to be addressed.

Blind Review:

The abstract scoring is a blind review process (the authors of the abstracts are not included in the version seen by the reviewers). If you submit a document, do not include any information which could reveal your identity, or that of your co-authors. The title section should not contain any author names, email addresses, or affiliation. In the body of your submission, you should eliminate all direct references to your own previous work. Moreover, in order to maintain anonymity during the review process, please do NOT include identifiers in the title or abstract content. (e.g. at X hospital in X location). We need your cooperation in our effort to maintain a fair, blind review process - and to consider all submissions equally.

Conflict of Interest:

Reviewers do not rate abstracts for which they are co-authors or if there is a conflict of interest.

We request that all submitted abstracts abide by ethical standards of the Declaration of Helsinki, and your local institutional research board, regarding human subjects a

Abstract Submission Deadline: Sunday, 8 December 2019

Abstract submissions will close at midnight Pacific Standard Time on Sunday, 8 December 2019.

Keynote Speaker: Lewis Cantley, PhD

We are honored to have Professor Lewis Cantley as our Keynote Speaker for the ISSVA 2020 Workshop. Professor Cantley holds the position as the Meyer Director of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center at Weill Cornell Medical College, Professor of Cancer Biology in Medicine.

Dr. Cantley is a cell biologist and biochemist noted for the discovery of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) signaling pathway in 1984, and further studies leading to the development of PI3K pathway inhibitors and metabolic regulation. His talk will focus on the relevance of these discoveries in vascular anomalies.

Scientific Program

The Scientific Program will be finalized in early 2020. Please come back for updates at that time, or Join Our Mailing List to receive updates to your inbox as they are finalized.

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, May 12 (Pre-Congress Day):

Primer Course
Advanced Multi-Specialty Workshops
Opening Ceremony
Welcome Reception

Wednesday, May 13

Workshop & Poster Presentations
ISSVA General Assembly
Boat Tour (optional and for an additional fee)

Thursday, May 14

Breakfast Specialty Courses
Workshop & Poster Presentations
Congress Dinner (optional and for an additional fee)

Friday, May 15

Breakfast Specialty Courses
Workshop & Poster Presentations
Closing Ceremony