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International Society for the
Study of Vascular Anomalies

Enjolras Award

Odile Enjolras, MD Travel Award

In the spirit of Dr. Odile Enjolras, this award is intended for applicants who have demonstrated interest in propagating knowledge and treatment in the field of Vascular Anomalies in under-served areas. The travel award is intended to offset fees for registration and travel an individual who can prove their participation in the clinical care of patients with vascular anomalies and/or published research. At least one travel award has been granted at each ISSVA Meeting since 2014.

Past Recipients:

ISSVA 2018 (Amsterdam)
Dr. Ximena Calderón-Castrat (Peru)

ISSVA 2016 (Buenos Aires)
Dr. William Mol (Papua New Guinea)

ISSVA 2014 (Melbourne)
Dr. Maria Gnarra (Italy)
Dr. Rasul Sadykov (Uzbekistan)

Last updated: July 7, 2021